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Some Legal Free Movie Downloads Sites to Download HD Movies

Well when it comes to watching with your loved ones at your home there are two methods. One is downloading the movie and then watching and the second one is directly streaming online from some movie streaming website or app. But as the entire time internet may not be available at your home, downloading is the better way to watch movies where network is slow or sometime you don’t have much time at a time. When it comes to download movies there are lots of website on the internet that lets you download the movies like 123movies, yesmovies, putlocker, soap2day, gomovies, fmovies & many more.

But most of them are illegal, so here we are going to check out the best legal free movie downloading websites. With the websites that we are going to list down here, you will be able to download all your favorite movies on your device and watch it offline. All the websites here are legal and you can use them freely. So let’s have a look at the best legal movie downloading websites.

Free Movie Downloading Websites To Downloads HD Movies :

Popcornflix: Undoubtedly Popcornflix is one of the most popular movie sites for the movies lovers worldwide. After landing on the homepage you can many available categories like New Arrivals, Most popular, Drama, Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Comedy and more. Along with movies they also offer free TV shows and series too which you can download. They have a app version available on Android play store which you can also download and enjoy movies on the go for free.

Retrovision: If you are classic movie lover and want to download some of your favorite classic English movies then this is the best website. This website has a huge collection of classic movies in their database. Also this website have divided the movies by the genres of the movie, so to sort the result you can also choose the genre like Adventure, Horror, Drama, Sci-Fi and much more. The layout of the website is very simple and the best part is that it simply looks like a regular blog on the internet.

YouTube: Everyone know YouTube that it is one of the biggest video platforms where you can stream videos on the go. But did you know that you can also download or stream online movies on YouTube and it is legal in every ways. The only thing is that you will not get latest released movies, but you will get all those movies which are trending on the internet. Or if you want you can also stream it online on the YouTube app.

Pluto TV: The interface of the website is not like the other movie downloading websites. But this website tries to make the interface like the typical TV shows interface. Here you will get movies and TV shows that you can do both stream and download it if you like. This website has to offer more than 75+ channels from where you can stream all your favorite TV shows on the go. Now like the other two websites, this website doesn’t have any kind of application that you can download on your phone.

MoviesFoundOnline: This is another movie downloading website which allows you to download movie for free on your device. This website allows, stand-up comedy videos, independent movies, TV shows. Yes, for you sure you are also going to get your favorite movies on this website. But if you are also a movie maker then you can post your short movies on this website and display it to the world. The only issue is that the website doesn’t own any content, so it is very active to delete any content from the database if it is having copyright issues.

Classic Cinemas Online: Like the retro vision website, this website is also based on English classic movies. You will get all type of classic movies on this website, and the website has movies from late 20s which is very impressive. If you are classic movie lover then this website will be a gold mine for sure. This website is totally legal and you can download any movies from this website and also you can stream.

Public Domain Torrents: Like the name suggest, this website is a torrent downloading website. This is one of the simplest torrent website that you will see on the internet today. There is no extra activity on this website, but the website has some of the best collections of both new and classic movies in its database. Even though if this is a torrent downloading website, it is legal to download files from this website.

ConTV: This is also one of the best website to download your favourite movie for free. With downloading your free movies you can also stream your favourite TV channels live, read blog from the world of entertainment and keep your self connected to each and every news. Well in this website with movies you can also stream anime series and also download it if you want which is amazing. Like the other website this movie downloading website also comes with different filter features to filter the collection of the movies from the website.

The Internet Archive: Most of the people recommend this site as a directory of old files. But do you know here you can also find lots of free movies too? Not only full movies but you can also enjoy feature films, silent films, and short films too. Even there are movie trailers available ready to watch. Just like a typical movie downloading site it has all the common categories like Sci-Fi / Horror, Comedy films and other categories which you are definitely going to love.

The Roku Channel: Do you know the popular Roku service also has their free movie streaming and downloading Roku channel too? They have huge database of movies and popular movie titles showcased on the homepage itself which you can enjoy for sure. They have some awesome collection of all-time hit movies like Gravity, Matrix, Forensic files and much more. Even they have popular TV shows collection too along with live TV feature. The only con about this site is that it is currently available in US only.

Crackle: Sony network has released the Crackle service few years back it has millions of users already. Currently they are providing service in US but surely going to expand the availability for sure. You can also use a VPN service to enjoy thousands of free movies and popular TV shows on Sony Crackle website without any hidden subscriptions. They also have a free app version for both Android and iOS so that you can their service on the go.

Open Culture: Unlike the previous two websites, you don’t have to be an US resident to enjoy contents of the Open culture website. Open culture is home of free movies which are totally legal and lots of other contents. Apart from movies they provide online courses, e-books, textbooks, language lessons, audio books and much more. Currently they have 1150 available free movies of different genres like classics, Indies, noir, westerns and much more which you can download right now by visiting their website.

Hulu: Similar to the Netflix, Hulu is also a popular movie streaming website where you don’t have to download anything and start watching easily. They have a premium plan but you can also try the free trial and enjoy limited number of movies. They also come with a free app available for both Android and iOS smartphone users. Like a typical online video streaming site they also offer all the popular TV shows which you can find and start streaming directly there.

Vimeo: Vimeo is often considered as one of the alternative of YouTube as a video search engine. Just like YouTube here in Vimeo site, there are many channels and movies available which you can either download or watch online. There any no free trial or subscription charges for anything. There are not only full movies but short movies and documentaries too which you can watch right away. Apart from these they have an app version available too.

Yahoo View: Very few people know that apart from being an search engine like Google, Yahoo also has Yahoo View section where you can watch thousands of free movies easily. With a clean user interface and simple user interface all the movies are arranged in a proper manner so that you can find and enjoy instantly. There are many available categories available on this platform and also animations suitable for kids too. But with all of these pros there is one con- Yahoo View is only available in US only.


It doesn’t matter which movie you like to watch today or which genre you love, here on the above mentioned movie downloading sites you will get every movie you love. All these websites are legal by nature but some may not available for downloading directly. But you can use any third party video down loader to downloading these movies. Do let us know which movie downloading site you loved the most and going to use from next time.

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