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Best Reddit Alternatives | Sites Like Reddit You Need to Know

Reddit is a very useful forum to gain all kind of information. To get better concern of your interest Reddit stands next to none. On this platform, you can find many sub-reddit and join them to become their community. Choosing your niche this forum is always has been good for gathering mass knowledge. Hence, this portal has become the most common name for the most online users. If you in the line, where you looking for the best Reddit Alternatives then there are lots of websites like Reddit but better in terms of some perspectives. Hence, we will be sharing a list of Best Reddit Alternatives for you and here you search for the same thing should end.

You must know using Reddit portal, as a user, we can share out thoughts in text, image and video form. It has the ability to submit URL of news, invention or more related to a sub-reddit. So, it may be the easiest way to share your views toward the same interest community people. Reddit website is way dated in terms of looks or you won’t feel any better by its interface. Yes, no denying, the reddit app does look better than the look of Those who don’t use this forum frequently then downloading the app is not a wise thing at all. It better to go with similar sites like Reddit, which are even better in some terms. Check out the Best Reddit Alternatives to match your requirements in here below.

Top Best Alternatives of Reddit 2020 That You Need To Know:

So, in below we are going to share with a list of best sites like reddit, which are not just alternative but in some perspectives. You might have a look if you have been looking for the same and annoyed by the features, user-interface, user-policy or more. Check out which of them you like and start sharing your ideas and gather information joining this great community.


Personally, we like this Reddit alternative a lot. In fact, this performs better in many terms that Reddit platform. Unlike Reddit, you can share the link here to showcase News, blog URL or others. All popular niches are genuinely active here to start a discussion. You can subscribe different types of community here such as news, video, technology, science or technology, music, games, aww, books, funny, clips and so on. The website presentation is also pretty similar to Reddit so it should be a better try out as Reddit alternatives. Start your discussion here or gather more knowledge by subscribing to the interested niches. Unfortunately, there is no Voat app for Smartphone user; you need to surf its web in your browser.


Unlike Reddit, Hubski is an online discussion forum where you can share views of your and others. The motto of this forum itself is a thoughtful web. So, it always convenient to find various topics or gather views with people. The interface is far superior to Reddit web forum. It comes with minimal moderation. All types of genres and modes can be joint on this Forum and make with them share views. Hence, if you are looking for the similar website like Reddit then you should create an account here. Joining to this forum is completely free and all meant to share the genuine thoughts. However, Hubski doesn’t have any app version for the Android and iOS user but you can browse its web-based site on the browser.


This forum was launched in 2016 and has gained many users till now. It has many active categories to join and start a conversation. It is a great place to share your thoughts and gather all information concerning your interest. Interestingly this forum is created or developed by the ex-Reddit senior Vice President, his name is Dan McComas. Imzy does have a modern interface that offers great monetary tips for good content. You must try out this portal, as this one has much more refined interface than dated Reddit. And the good thing is that you can download its app for both Android and iOS devices. By downloading this app on your Smartphone, you can interact with this big community without any subscription charges.

Hacker News

Hacker News is Another site like Reddit but this portal means to offer solutions and discussion regarding your issues. There are many active communities to reach your issues and you can easily get into the matter for your concern. There is a lot of subreddit like categories to join and be the part of the community. You can subscribe many of the available niches like Jobs, Science, techs, mobile, how to, operating systems, games and much more. All technical things can be submitted here with a link, images, videos, text etc. The interface also quite nice to look at. Hence, in search of Reddit alternatives, you should try out Hacker News.  Download this app for your Smartphone as it comes for both Android and iOS device user; you can download it free.


This is again our favorite forum to discuss on various topics. This forum has one of the best looks with a modern interface. Surely, it beats Reddit, in terms of looks. Not just looks but it does have all the feature you are usually getting on Reddit. This forum is like a minimal version of Reddit, which come with all feature but user-friendly. The portal is very interactive with the active users. It is mostly image-centric portal with Reddit like feature. So, if you are looking for photo sharing portal with an ability like Reddit then you must check out this Stacksity as well. Stacksisty does come as app version as well, and you can download the app from Android and iOS respective app stores.


Steemit is another big portal like Reddit but this one has blockchain technology. The site is fare new in this field and does have all abilities like Reddit. This forum also does have a better interface than the Reddit forum. If you are bored of the dated look of Reddit then you should give it a shot. You can find many niches on this forum like tech, mobile, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Video, funny etc. Subscribing to a category you can react and share views with the same existing people. You can try out Steemit as one of the best Reddit alternatives. In fact, this can be better in most perspective if you are looking for a good portal. Unlike Reddit, Steemit also a great portal to share your thoughts or articles, which makes easier to reach maximum traffics.


One of the most common name among internet users and no doubt, it is one of the best Reddit site alternatives. You can discover new stuff and trends from all over the world with this forum. The portal is really popular offering rang of categories and article to read. Here you can submit your own articles or contents and other users are also show up with their great contents. This portal gives you a great opportunity pin all content. StumbleUpon does have app version to download on your Smartphone. The app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. To stay connected to the StumbleUpon community download now and gather all information regarding your concerns.


How about getting Reddit like features on a portal but does offer all the power to its users? On Reddit, its subreddit Admin and mods have all the power to do with its subscriber. The user policy also quite strict on Reddit. Hence, if you hate those things then you can opt to this Empeopled forum that prioritizes all of its users. The good thing is that you can earn Bitcoin by getting people interest and their upvotes. As this forum offers Bitcoin reward all users are genuine and comes with proper views. So If you wish to have an alternative for Reddit then you can create an account on this forum. The don’t have any app version still worth using this forum to gather all kind of views.                                                                  


4Chan is a big competitor of Reddit and that is why it manages to be on the list of Reddit alternatives. You can take part on this portal without registration. Sharing images and comments you can take part in this forum. There are a lot of mods and categories to create discussions such as movies, tech, music, mobiles, games and much more. The interface of 4Chan is pretty good with the modern interface. You can also personally communicate to other 4Chan users via personal message and email. Give it a shot, if you are thinking to get an option to Reddit. Unfortunately, there is not available downloadable app for this forum. But using the official URL, you can easily log in to this forum.


For technology freaks, Slashdot is a great platform to join and it is a great alternative to Reddit forum. A lot of tech issues can be found on this forum and yes, the solution also been a discussion. You can share any tech issue to this forum and other users will come up with a useful response. Unlike this, you can also share you view regarding any issue if you know. Bunch of boards are here to discuss as per your concern. To make your concern clear you can use image or video in your post and comment. You can also add URL here for any tech tutorial and others contact also makes it very useful forum.


This forum is not much like the Reddit forum but because of its feature is Digg is one of the best Reddit alternatives. Unlike every mentioned forum, here you can share content like images, text, video, gif and much more. You can explore many boards on this forum, where you can share for the specific topic. If you own a website and want to share a blog then Digg is a good choice too. Here you can find many users from all over the world. The good thing is that you can download its app for your iOS and Android device for free. To be part of this forum, create an account now and start your discussion with other Digg users.


Reddit is undoubtedly the biggest platform for sharing contents and ideas for most online users. But some people don’t like Reddit feature, its user policy and the way it looks. If you one of them who doesn’t like any of Reddit thing then you must opt out to alternative options. We have shared a list of Best Reddit Alternatives, where you can find some similar sites like Reddit. As per your perspective, you might love to use them over Reddit forum. Check out any of the given list out of Reddit alternatives to start a discussion regarding your concern with other users from all over the world. Because sharing ideas is a great way to gather more knowledge. Hope you have found Best Sites Like Reddit, which are even better than Reddit in some points. If you have any suggestion regarding Reddit alternatives or know any better forum then you better comment here in below.

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